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Amazing Spider-Man Behind Scenes Edition (Bundle of 25)

USD $ 5.00

Fans won't want to miss your comic shop's AMAZING SPIDER-MAN #1 launch party and their chance to get this exclusive Behind-the-Scenes Edition! This edition contains the full penciled pages of the main story of Amazing Spider-Man #1, giving readers an exclusive look at the behind the scenes process!

Participating retailers who opt into the Amazing Spider-Man #1 Launch Party (MAY180780) will each receive one Free bundle of 25 for giveaway in their stores. These bundles are currently scheduled for an in-store date of Wednesday, 7/11/2018.

Retailers will also be able to purchase more bundles of 25 mini comics for a net cost of $5.00 per bundle using Item Code APR188408. Place orders by Monday, 6/4/2018 to receive these extra bundles by the Wednesday, 7/11/2018 in-store date..