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Heavy Metal #297 Cover B Tbd (Mature)

USD $ 9.99

Heavy Metal Magazine #297 - Twas the night before Heavy Metal's HOLIDAY SPECIAL and every creature was stirring, ducking for cover and fortifying the perimeter. Heavy Metal's first Holiday Special in more than 30 years features some Metallic holiday stories from around the globe. Managing editor, Tim Seeley and artist Paolo Armitano serves up a Christmas nightmare on a planet where gift giving is mandatory or else - Justin Jordan & Chris Anderson a 21st century vision of holidays to come in 'Black Metal Messiah' - Cullen Bunn shows us a world of Xmas past in 'A Knight So True' - Eschenbach & Gavin Smith bring us a scifi version of 'Bethlehem' - Ron Marz & Bart Sears conjure up a holiday gone straight to the Trolls and many, many more. Pop artist Brandi Milne gives a a candy coated gallery special. Continuing in this issue is Richard Corben's 'Murky World'..