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Heavy Metal #298 Cover A Escorza & Villas (Mature)

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It's the return of the world's greatest illustrated science fiction taking readers to the edge of the cosmos and beyond with The Furthest Reaches Special. David Hine & Mark Stafford create bone-chilling intersections with insectoid life in 'Bug House.' Alex Smith will take us through a 'Body Jack' as modification reaches new frontiers. Matt Emmons plumbs the robot psyche with 'The Incubator.' Emilio Balcarce & Marcelo Perez explore 'A New Life' in the collapse of a robot army. James Maddox & Ben Templesmith plunge us into the 'Abyss of Souls' with partners lost in space. Dwayne Harris stars in a double bill with 'Dowser' following vicious gangs who guard Earth's water supply and 'Philip K. Dick's Head' with Michael David Nelsen, based on a true story..

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